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What to Expect

A typical Reflexology Treatment

Upon arrival you remove your socks/tights and shoes. Wear loose, comfortable clothing and trousers that can be pushed up towards your knees as reflexes are worked across the top, bottom, sides of the foot as well as up the lower part of the leg.

The initial treatment will include a health, diet and lifestyle consultation along with a foot health check so a personalised treatment plan can be designed for you*. Please allow 80 minutes for the initial treatment.

The first treatment tends to be exploratory in order to devise a bespoke treatment plan, although focus on any reflexes linked to any health concerns covered in the consultation will also be worked.


During the treatment, most people tend to feel very relaxed and some may even fall asleep. Tingling sensations in different parts of the body may occur and are normal. The treatment is not ticklish or acutely painful although there may be some discomfort or tenderness in reflexes which show an imbalance.  Many people tend to describe this feeling as "a good hurt or pain".

Post treatment we will discuss areas of particular discomfort and I will offer you some homecare advice. We will also discuss how many follow-up treatments are recommended and how often.  Typically clients will need 4-6 weekly treatments as a minimum to help with their health concerns, although it is also possible to have more sessions more frequently.  General maintenance sessions are typically monthly.  You are under no obligation to book further treatments. 

You may experience what is called "a healing reaction".  This is the body's way of dealing with the toxins that are released during the reflexology treatment and may include feeling thirsty, tired, nauseous, energetic, increased bowel movement etc.  This is a normal reaction and is part of the healing process with symptoms typically not lasting more than 24 hours.  To help ensure toxins are dispelled from the body and to reduce the likelihood of the healing reaction, you are advised to drink plenty of water.

*All information recorded will be treated in accordance with the Data Protection Act and will remain totally confidential.

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